Nothing's occurring in animation you manufacture everything.Gore Verbinski

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Sucker Punch Animation Test

Sucker Punch Animation Test 2015

Video Games

This is an animation test I did for Sucker Punch game studios, I had one week to deliver it…

The animation had to be very believable and feels realistic.

Character Model copyright to Sucker Punch

Software used: Autodesk Maya Adobe Package.

Reel 2015 Preview

Reel 2015 Preview

Short Film

The reel is meant to demonstrate my animation workflow starting from the layout, shooting reference, blocking, splining/cleaning up, and final rendering, Character provided by Animation Mentor.

Reel 2015 Progression

Reel 2015 Progression

Short Film

The reel is meant to demonstrate my animation workflow starting from the layout, shooting reference, blocking, splining/cleaning up, and final rendering. as you notice the blocking stage been different sometime, I used to block on two or three when there's a lot of detail in the locomotion, in some other shots I got the blocking on five and nail it straight ahead afterward.

Animation Mentor Graduation

Animation Mentor Graduation

Short Film

Rendezvous is a short film directed and created by me, I really enjoyed the processor for this one minute and forty second, so fun to do all the production for the film starting from idea till the end "including the music", It was a long journey but I had a lot of challenge that I passed through, especially with a full time job….

Quacker TV Commercial


TV commercial

How to take something as boring as oats and make it a tad fun and cute? Create a know-it-all talking Can and an annoying little egg boy who happens to believe the Can is a magnificent magician with the magic of versatility that could make anything. Anything?...No just food, but healthy and great tasting food.

Daddy ABC Short Film

Daddy ABC

Short Film

Two loving couple are blessed with a newborn baby. Their new blessing changes everything, and the mother is taking the major load of baby duty. Until one day she gets to a point where she decides to leave the house for a break, and leave the father for the very first time alone with their kid.

Driver Dan's Story Train Tv series

Driver Dan's Story Train

Tv Series

Driver Dan's Story Train2 follows the adventures of a friendly group of characters who all love stories. Driver Dan drives the train and its magical book carriage into an exciting adventure - collecting characters along the way and heading to Story Corner, where the friends snuggle up and listen as Driver Dan reads to them.

Ostora Short Film


Short Film

Ostora is a musical animated 3D stereoscopic short film written by Faisal Al Shiryani.

Set in the depth of the ocean, Erato, a mythical mermaid, falls victim to her own curiosity and breaks the ultimate law of the sea. Sentenced to death, her only saving grace is to challenge the Great Poseidon by proving wrong his fervent belief in humans' weakness in fulfilling their dreams. Will a fantastical journey to the golden Arabian deserts where one young Bedouin knight's promise to unite his people under one dream save Erato from her fatal destiny? This is a mythical tale from the West that meets a true legend from the East unravelling a story of a people united on one land that today boasts a dynamic history built through the commitment of its visionary leader.

The film has received special mentions from film festivals around the world and has won several international awards including Best Picture at the 3D Korea International Animated Festival and Best Animation at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Animation Reel 2013

Animation Reel 2013

Contain keyframe animation from different projects, video game, TV commercial, TV series and short films.

Skatoony TV show


Tv Show

It’s a children's live-action game show, pitting live-action kids against cartoons. The series is co-produced with Talent Television (for the UK version), Blink Studios (for the Arabic Version), and is used to air on Cartoon Network in the UK. It is hosted by 'Chudd Chudders' (voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK and Jonathan Wilson in the US) and 'The Earl' (voiced by Lewis MacLeod).

Safio TV commercial


TV commercial

Saudi milk brand for kids that is part of the Danone group. The promo is render in toon shading to be more interactive with kids.

The National Newspaper - UAE  TV commercial

The National Newspaper - UAE

TV commercial

Hydra Village Walk Through Animation

Hydra Village

Walk Through Animation

Hydra Village offers residents comfortable and affordable off-island community living in what will become an increasingly sought after location as Abu Dhabi progresses towards the vision outlined in Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

Entrepreneur Business Village Walk Through Animation

Entrepreneur Business Village

Walk Through Animation

Business Village is an initiative of the Dubai SME an agency of the Department of Economic Development, mandated to develop and support the Small and Medium Enterprises sector in Dubai.

Quraish Video Game


Video Game

QURAISH is real time strategy game (RTS), loaded with new concepts and 100% locally developed 3d engine, its experiencing the rich and historical influences of Rome while commanding units and expanding the empire in the Eastern world.

The game tracks the origin of Roman and Persian, through their evolution, growth and the conflicts that they passed.

All new worlds are rising in beautiful manner, filled with innovative gameplay, new strategic scenarios, eye-searing graphics and much more.

Awards & Nominations

Many of the animation show that I worked on has been granted an award or been nominated in a different international animation festival like:

animation mentor alumni

About Me

My name is Sabah Yazaji, I'm a Computer Graphics artist who is very passionate about character animation, graduated from Animation Mentor, able to work in all areas of production, including modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, editing. 

My Computer Graphics skills has been established in Game Development and Post Production, through my involving in creating and produce animation for TV commercial, cartoon animation series and short film for a different client and producer such: Space Toon, Blink Studio, Twofour54, Cartoon Network, BBC CBeebies.

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